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In The Dark Times


A Culture in Exile

FHD, 85 min., 2016

A film by Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch

Produced by the Goethe-Institut Istanbul

World premiere of the movie, June 15, 2016 at Pera Museum, Istanbul.

Screening at THE FRAME THAT BLINDS US in Plowdiw July 1, 2017.

In The Dark Times is featuring a group of artists in their attempt to form an international Plattform facing the worldwide forced migration reality in Istanbul. Especially Syrians try to build up a new cultural identity in Exile.

The movie shows their startling film-, music-, dance- and theatre productions in Istanbul and Amman as a rising independent vision in search of freedom and recognition. Besides the film is challenging new narration styles. The individual narrated storyline is replaced by a filmlingual communication using film, dance and theatre as tools. Bertolt Brecht quotations about forced migration are used as a red line between the different artists originating from different cultures but all being familiar with the epic theatre. Poetry as a universal language appears as a metaphor for a strong appeal for global solidarity.

Maxi Schneider
Josefine Berkholz
Theresa Wiedemann
Sonja Mattes
Aylin Michel

Nadine Al Lahham
Mohammed Fares
Bassel Halebi
Tuesday Frindt
Hanan Al Tawil
Sabine Küper-Büsch

Music by

Aly Talibab
‘Walls That Shelter…’
Written and performed by Malafat
Produced by Zanna Productions

Hello Psychaleppo
Sufi Hop

Nothing Left To Do
Featuring Valia

Batool Mohamad
War Step

Makimakkuk & Sun Glitters

Videos by

Bassel Halebi
and Mohamed Fares
Beyond the Station

Maiss Mhd
and Hosam Abou-Ali
We Will Return

Katharina Weithaler
Humus Connection

Adel Qalqili
and Nadine Al Lahham
This is Why…

Nawar Bulbul
Shakespeare in Zaatari

Batool Mohamad
I Love Death
Director – Aamen Alarand
Produced by Bidayyat 2014

Nadine Al Lahham

Workshop Instructors
Ziya Azazi
Thomas Büsch
Ziad Homsi
Sabine Küper-Büsch
Batool Mohamad

Special thanks to
Nazlı Mayuk
Goethe-Institut Istanbul
Dr. Christian Lüffe
Petra Diehl
Tijen Togay

© Istanbul 2016

Thomas Büsch Since 2001 he has been producing TV-programs and documentaries in partnership with Sabine Küper-Büsch.