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Third Mardin Biennial


The Mardin Biennial connects the magnificent city with it’s mythologies this time. In the Video you see Yavuz Tenyeli’s work “The last bridge”. It is located in the Monastry Mor Efrem, an abondened Chaldean convent. Metin Eryilmaz is an assyrian Christian collecting historical daily objects. The collector and his museal home are also part of the Biennial. Metin Eryilmaz is a collector and researchers. He is commenting on another venue nof the Biennial. The so called “German Headquarter”. Since the Germans were allies of the Ottomans in WW I. they were lodging in the Palace of a the nlocal Armenian Atamyan Family. The Atamyans were either killed or left the city in 1915.

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Thomas Büsch Since 2001 he has been producing TV-programs and documentaries in partnership with Sabine Küper-Büsch.