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StreetWalking critically examines the urban transformation of Istanbul and Berlin with image, sound and video and documents the associated changes in living conditions as a creative mobile archive with its own mobile App.

StreetWalking aims at a collective narration through the common use of mobile communication devices such as smartphones: residents of different districts in Istanbul and Berlin will develop new forms of expression in workshops to discover their environment in pictures. These movies will be published finally in real-time using the smartphones.

StreetWalking is a project by InEnArt organized by DIYALOG, a non for profit assoziation based in Istanbul and dedicated to the cultural exchange beyond national and regional borders.

Artistic Project Management – Asena Hayal
Concept / Idea – Sabine Küper-Büsch / Thomas Büsch
Trailer by Markus Schmidt
With Tahribad-ı İsyan
Camera – Thomas Büsch
Production – diyalog derneǧi

© diyalog, Istanbul 2014/2015

Thomas Büsch Since 2001 he has been producing TV-programs and documentaries in partnership with Sabine Küper-Büsch.