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We are independent filmmakers facilitating creative programs, documentaries from South East Europe, Turkey and its neighboring countries.

Creative programs!

Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch are independent film makers from Germany based in Istanbul, Turkey. Through their investigation and research they generate movies supplying programmes in the following genres: contemporary documentaries, current affairs, specialist features, new narration and daytime factuals.

Istanbul bienial 2007

They are producing long and short programmes mostly for German speaking TV channels:

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searching traces
January 15, 2015

Video documentary about a workshop series with immigrants from the middle east staying in Istanbul.

gezi park
October 15, 2014

2014 Mediterranean Journalist Award TV by the Anna Lindh Foundation; the leading regional media prize for reporting across cultures and on issues of cultural diversity and social change.

gezi park
September 7, 2014

A report form refugee camps in nothern Iraq. Christian and Yezidi refugees describe what happened in the Islamic State (IS).-

censorship in turkey
September, 2014

Following the protests in Turkey 2013 the international online platform InEnArt is developing StreetWalking, a critical examination of urban transformation in Istanbul and Berlin.

censorship in turkey
June 20, 2014

Istanbul and the creative protest in the Streets of the city one year after the Gezi Park protests.